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A Formula For Life


Are you confused over what is right for your body?

You feel shame around the body you live in and desperately want to lose weight to feel worthy and enough.

Are you like many, following the latest fad diet which the media hypes up to be the next best thing, only to discover it's unrealistic, unsustainable and causes you to be hungry and miserable?

Maybe you have lost self-esteem and confidence because you can't follow the strict diet rules or haven't met your weight loss target.

Do you seek validation from the number on the scales, only to find yourself feeling ashamed by what you see flashing under your feet? Vowing "This is it, this week I'll stick to the diet."

Do you put off going to events or places until you've lost a certain amount of weight only to be left feeling stressed out, ashamed and unworthy? 

You spend your whole day restricting what you eat, ignoring what your body truly needs to binge eat or emotionally eat in the evening, which immediately leaves you consumed by guilt and shame of having failed again.

Before I tell you about this life-changing programme let’s talk about who it is really for…

A step-by-step coaching programme to help you overcome any negative feelings you have with your body and food, including binge eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, negative body image and the adverse effects it has on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Healing Your Food and Body Relationship; a Formula for Life

I'm here to teach women like you how to reconnect with your body, love it, nourish it and know you are enough, even when it feels out of reach.

Are you ready to heal the relationship you have with your body and food?

You've come to the right place. 


Reconnected with your body.

The ability to embrace and trust your intuition.

FREEDOM to try new foods and exercises while respecting your body's needs, so you can do more of what brings you joy. 

A deeper sense of compassion and unconditional love for your body.

The ability to get curious and become open-minded about your emotions and how they affect your everyday life. 

Knowledge of the many contributing factors towards your body's weight and accept diets don't work long term.

Inspiration to create simple healthy habits designed for long-term sustainability.

An understanding of what Your body requires nutritionally.

Tools and techniques to quieten your mind and listen to yourself as a whole being, to be healthier for You and nobody else.

By the end of this program, you will have…

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Jane Montague

I'm a comfort eater, always have been, but Geraldine really helped me to look behind the justifications and excuses I was making and see what was prompting the need to reach for the closest bar of chocolate or carb loaded item.

She gets it, she really does and she helped me to shift my focus to celebrate the strength I was gaining from regular exercise and to move from what I couldn't eat to what I could.

This helped me on so many levels - not just in the way I feel about myself, but also my headspace.

Listen to Geraldine. She knows what she's talking about.

Dr Sadia Ahmed

I started with Geraldine in a bid to change my eating habits. I also turned 40 and knew I needed to change things before my health took a tumble for the worse. So far, what I have achieved with Geraldine’s help is far more than this! Her infectious positivity in our earlier days was what I needed!

Within 6 weeks, I am eating more healthily, feel more energised and my confidence in how I look has shot up. Automatically I am now more conscious of what I wear, what I eat and how I feel. I only wish I had met Geraldine earlier; in my 30’s.  

Her motivation and enthusiasm is a real driving force in me achieving my goals. She is so knowledgeable and I learnt so much with regards to my eating habits; nutrition in general (especially being a medic). Her background of being a Health Coach has helped me address how my mind set makes decisions regarding my emotional links with eating habits. After 2 months of training; I no longer associate guilt to what I have eaten. Because of Geraldine I love working out (I now work out 6 days a week) and am so proud of what my body and mind can achieve.

One of the best decisions I ever made!

Evie Homer

I always felt self-conscious of my body due to my Scoliosis, I felt limited because if this.

Through training with Geraldine I realised that this was not the case. Witnessing my progress showed me how strong I am.

By listening to my body and creating healthy habits, I began fuelling it by eating well rather than starving myself or binging like some of my friends.

I now appreciate what I am capable of despite my scoliosis, my confidence has grown and I feel happy in my body.  

Love you, whole heartedly, perfectly imperfect you . 

Discover what lights you up and feeds your soul. 

Learn how to be your own guru

Module Highlights:

Feel inspired by what you have learnt over the past five modules, become excited and open-minded to move forward, knowing you have the freedom to nourish your body in a way that suits you, by embracing your true essence. 

Freedom - embrace your true essence.


Build confidence in your own ability to know what to feed your soul. 

Cultivate gratitude. 

Gain a deeper insight into what nourishes your body.  

Module Highlights:

Having built up trust, we now begin to appreciate what truly works for us. Understanding the benefits and implementing intuitive eating, seasonal foods, how the quality of foods impact on our body plus you'll learn more about superfoods and working with macronutrients. Rounding off by incorporating a deep sense of gratitude for what nourishes who you really are. 

Appreciate - nurture who you really are.


Set goals which align with your souls desire. 

Learn how to listen to your body on a deeper level 

Ignite your intuition

Module Highlights:

Commit to listening to your souls desire and connect with your true essence by learning to trust how your body feels physically, mentally and emotionally by regularly checking in and incorporating new mindfulness techniques.

Trust - Cherish yourself whole.


Ignite your inner cheerleader.

Find your healthy balance with life and see how this translates to what your feeding yourself. 

Discover what's really eating at you.

Module Highlights:

Understand your inner critics damaging effect and feel a deeper sense of forgiveness towards how you have treated your body in the past. Become inspired to connect with the new you. 

Heal - connect with the new you


Learn how to create healthy habits to suit your body. 

The impact your emotions have on your food choices and how you treat your body. 

The impact your emotions have on your food choices and how you treat your body. 

Module Highlights:

Discover the impacts of your emotions, sleep, hydration, your physical movements, cravings, your habits, and hunger have on your body and lifestyle. We'll explore and experiment with what works for your unique body. 

Get Curious - become open-minded


Gain clarity around what impacts to the success or failure of diets.

Ditch the diet mindset. 

Understand some of the dieting myths.

Module Highlights:

We'll start by understanding our mindset towards diets, why diets don't work long term, and the myths surrounding diets. Plus, all the underlying contributions to weight loss and its success or failure. 

Accept - surrender & let go


What’s Inside

to help walk you through the weeks lessons and answer any questions that may arise, enabling you to move forward with total clarity.

weekly group zoom

to one module per week, giving you ample time to digest the information from within the lessons and implement the steps. I do this to eliminate the feeling of you being overwhelmed and to ensure you have plenty of support. Helping you uncover what nourishes your unique body and let go of any confusion and limiting beliefs you have towards what suits your body. 

Live access

helping you uncover what nourishes your unique body and let go of any confusion and limiting beliefs you have towards what suits your body. CHUPA CHUPS GUMMIES

A formula for life

breaking down everything you need to know and understand and how to ditch dieting finally, ignite your intuition and find food freedom, so you can heal the relationship you have with your body and create your healthy balance. 

6 Modules


Total value £1250

When you enrol during this special, limited time period,
you’ll get:

Begin to visualise your future self. 

Ignite your souls desire 

A calming visualisation to build connection with your intuition

A downloadable MP4 audio to use at anytime.

What You’ll Get:

(A £95 Value)

A guided meditation to help you connect with your inner wisdom and ignite your intuition.

Guided meditation

Bonus 03

A space to overcome any doubts and fill up your motivation tank.

Surprise sessions.

Weekly Q&A session.

Ongoing access to the group, even when our time is up. You can remain in the group as an alumni and support the future FEED YOUR SOUL Academy students.

What You’ll Get:

(A £250 Value)

Access to support from myself and fellow women who like you on are the path to healing the relationship with their body. 

An invitation to a private FEED YOUR SOUL Academy Facebook group

Bonus 02

Support and guidance to help you move forward with clarity. 

A deeper dive into any blocks or personal barriers you want to break through.

The opportunity to schedule a call with me at point during our 6 weeks together.

What You’ll Get:

(A £150 Value)

Use this call to discuss any parts of the lessons which resonate with you personally, build momentum or generally pick my brains. 

One to One call with Geraldine

Bonus 01

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Boost Your Relationship with Food & Your Body
What’s Inside FEED YOUR SOUL Academy


Total Value £1745

Guided Meditation - £95 Value

Feed Your Soul Facebook Group - £250 Value

One to One Call - £150 Value
6 Modules

FEED YOUR SOUL Academy - £1250 Value

Here’s what you’re getting when you enrol today:

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But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you, I too, have tried every diet under the sun. Never able to stick to it and continuously felt a failure as a result. The good news is this is not a diet. The coaching programme is a step-by-step path to discovering what food, exercise and lifestyle habits suit your unique body so you can live a joyful life free from counting calories, no more eliminating food groups and starving yourself. 

I've tried diets before, and they don't work. What makes this different?

I have laid the modules out in a particular order as they build on one another; however, this is not a linear path, and I will refer back as we move through them.

Please know there is no such thing as being behind in this course, we all work at our own pace so you can take your time and allow me to guide you.

"It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop" Confucius. 

What if I can't stick to it?

I know you will be eager to get going and yes, you will be sent an immediate invite to the Facebook group, however, the coaching programme will begin on Monday 10th May to ensure we are all starting together for maximum support.

When I join the coaching programme, will I gain immediate access?

The course is made of six modules over a period of eight weeks. You will receive access to one module per week, except weeks 4 and 8 which will be dedicated to implementation. These implementation weeks are designed to offer time for you to reflect on your progress to date, plan for future development, and to celebrate all you’ve achieved.

How long is the course?

You want your life back; you're fed up following a strict controlling diet but want to listen and trust your intuition.

You want the freedom to nourish and move your body in a way that feels joyful and sustainable.

You desire a loving friendship and relationship with your body. One you will continue to enjoy nourishing and nurturing and want to grow old in.

After years of yo-yo dieting and trying one strict eating regime after another, you're fed up with feeling like a failure.

You're confused over what is right for your body, continually vowing "This is it, this week I'll stick to the diet" only to lose self-esteem and confidence whenever you don't follow strict rules to the letter or don't meet your weight loss targets.

Or, sick and tired with putting off going to events or places until you've lost a certain amount of weight only to be left feeling more restricted, stressed out and discouraged.

FEED YOUR SOUL Academy is PERFECT for you if… 

Still thinking about it?

It's Time for Change!

Do you wish you could feel "enough", with a deep sense of love and connection to your body? To feel undoubtedly in tune with what you need right now, without being ruled by a tight should/shouldn't mindset.

You've come to the right place. 

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3 Monthly Payments of

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FEED YOUR SOUL Academy Today

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A One-Time Payment of

Healing the relationship with my body has transformed my life.

I have experienced first-hand what it feels like to be let go of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, emotional eating. To be able to listen intuitively to my body. To feel connected with my body and a deep sense of appreciation, love and trust for my body even when it seemed impossible.

More than anything else, I want to share the steps I took to healing the relationship I have with my body and finding my healthy balance.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I assure you our six weeks together will be a completely and utterly transformational journey. 

 I look forward to meeting you personally in Feed Your Soul Academy. 

I can’t wait for you to join FEED YOUR SOUL Academy