Hi, I’m Geraldine Jackson, if you’re wondering who I am, well, good question – it’s one that has taken me a very long time to figure out the answer to. The ‘simple’ answer is wife, mum of four, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer, and the not so simple answer is, a woman trying to balance it all.

I believe there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health and wellbeing – quite the opposite. I believe that we’re all wonderfully unique, shaped by our bodies, lifestyles and very personal goals. It took me a long time to accept that at 5ft 10, and with hips preordained for breeding, I was never going to be a petite size 8.

Instead, I embraced my strength and discovered that being strong and female needn’t be mutually exclusive concepts. In turn, I finally took control of my diet and negative relationship with food, rather than seeing it as my nemesis, it became my ally, fuelling me for my workouts and nourishing my body.

I have since come to label this metamorphosis as ‘finding my healthy balance’, as I believe that is precisely what it is. Balance is essential to our stability, and without it, chances are we’ll fall down.

Meet Geraldine


Helping my clients to find their healthy balance is one of my greatest passions. I love sharing not just my learnt knowledge, but also my personal experience. I’m not perfect, no one is, and I can empathise with a lot of the frustrations and misconceptions that are, sadly, all too commonplace.

If you like the sound of me, and of what I can offer, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.